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2HDMC is a general-purpose calculator for the two-Higgs doublet model. It allows parametrization of the Higgs potential in many different ways, convenient specification of generic Yukawa sectors, the evaluation of decay widths (including higher-order QCD corrections), theoretical constraints and much more.

2HDMC material

Recommendations for evaluation of Higgs production cross sections and branching ratios at the LHC in the 2HDM
R. Harlander, M. Mühlleitner, J. Rathsman, M. Spira, O. Stål

Release history

1.8.02020-02-10 Included new interface for HiggsBounds/HiggsSignals. [Thanks to J. Wittbrodt].
Added get_yukawas_type() and modified write_LesHouches() to work with HB/HS [Thanks to J. Wittbrodt].
Updated code to C++11 [Thanks to J. Wittbrodt].
Corrected sorting in hhh and hhhh couplings.
Corrected so that massive corrections for hqq are only applied for equal masses.
Clean-up of obsolete features.
1.7.02015-08-28 Included new interface for HiggsBounds and HiggsSignals.
Included support for input in hybrid basis as defined in [1507.04281].
Improved treatment of off-shell H+ decays. Thanks to R. Hansen
Addition of FCNC top decays. Thanks to L. Zethraeus
Clean-up of obsolete features.
1.6.52014-10-24 Corrected bug affecting HiggsBounds constraints when one Higgs is stable (Inert Doublet Model).
Thanks to T. Robens
1.6.42014-01-21 Corrected bug affecting 2-loop QCD corrections to h->ss on rare occassions. Insignificant numerical impact.
Thanks to P. Li
1.6.32014-01-08 Corrected bug in tt*, t*b off-shell decays, which caused occasional crashes.
Thanks to G. Carvalho-Dorsch and T. Li.
1.6.22013-12-09 Corrected bug in h->tc, tu FCNC decays for mh<mt (off-shell width zero).
1.6.12013-12-06 Corrected bug in h->Z gamma decay for mh<mZ (width should be zero).
Thanks to L. Wang.
1.62013-11-29 Off-shell decays to tt*, t*b added.
Mass-dependent threshold corrections added for tt and tb decays.
More complete alpha_s^2 corrections for decays into light quarks.
Modified running of alpha_s and running quark masses (now also including the strange quark) for higher precision.
Default settings for QCD evolution changed.
1.52013-09-25 New interface to SusHi for calculating (neutral) Higgs cross sections.
Added interface for HiggsBounds 4.0.0.
Added Higgs decays to doubly-offshell vector bosons.
Added Higgs to Z gamma decays.
Improved QCD corrections for decays to gg, gamma gamma, Z gamma, and qqbar.
Bug fixed affecting running charm mass.
Added new input basis: H2, and a corresponding example program CalcH2.
Minor cosmetic changes and bug fixes.
1.22012-11-16Added interface for HiggsBounds 3.8.0.
Corrected sign error in h->gamma gamma partial width.
1.12010-10-07Added interface for HiggsBounds 2.0.
Corrected bug which caused occasional crashes when reading BLOCK Alpha in MGME model.
1.0.72010-06-21Improved memory handling.
1.0.62009-12-11Corrected bugs related to the calculation of the oblique parameters S,U,V, and X.
Thanks to M. Wiebusch.
1.0.52009-08-31Les Houches interface updated for compatibility with SuperIso which calculates flavor physics observables.
1.0.32009-06-22Implemented check of perturbativity.
1.0.22009-06-15Implemented interface to HiggsBounds.
More efficient handling of DecayTables.
Improved handling of GSL errors.
Various small fixes.
1.0.12009-03-04Fixed compiler problem with gcc-3.4.
1.02009-02-05First release of 2HDMC!